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Singletracks may receive compensation for purchases made through affiliate links in this article. It’s probably much less of a debate in this mountain bike category, as 29ers have basically taken over, and buyers will be hard pressed find an XC bike with 27.5-inch wheels, although they aren’t gone completely. Best Bike Trails | The NX-level build of the Ripley offers great value, even though it’s technically the budget build. The VPP suspension is one of the better designs in this travel bracket for rough terrain. Available in either an alloy, alloy rear/carbon front, or full-carbon frame, the Element starts at a reasonable $2,500 and ends at a eye-watering $7,100. As one of our testers in this year’s, The SB100 is an XC bike without the suppressed rage.”, Check out Kristin Butcher’s review of the SB100, It’s not often we wonder how bikes would ride with a little. In the end, riders shopping for a cross-country bike will have to decide between a few things, but it’s mostly a matter of the build kit. EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a foam material that is highly effective at reducing the energy of impacts. The bikes in the XC line from GasGas are aimed at western-style cross-country riding and racing and are stripped of lights and instruments. Once you are certain in your decision to choose a mountain bike as your next bicycle – whether it’ll be an upgrade or you are simply starting out on the trails, you’ll find a selection of the latest and best value mountain bikes … Handlebars on XC bikes are commonly specced between 720mm and 760mm wide. Once the gradient turns the other way though, the SB100 descends with the prowess of bikes much bigger. The Ripley, despite being as long and slack as some enduro bikes, remains as light and nimble as ever. Unless you’re competing seriously in cross-country races, it might not be. If it’s mainly for crushing dirt or fire roads, or smooth singletrack, then a hardtail will probably work fine. A carbon or titanium rigid post can save weight, but doesn’t help with descending. Before you keep scrolling, there are three more models of the Trance 29 that. There’s even an XCO edition with a 100-millimeter fork and all the go-fast Gucci bits. For XC bikes, head angles generally fall between 68 and 70-degrees. But if you’re planning to ride a lot of natural singletrack, with rock and roots and technical features, then full suspension is the way to go. Cross Country or XC electric mountain bikes are designed to handle a mix of rough forest paths, singletrack, gravel, or paved sections well. Here’s what to look for when shopping for a cross-country bike, whether it’s for racing, or long days across epic trails. Radical. Shimano’s lineup is still roughly the same as it has been for a long time. This is what makes the sprightly nature of the suspension platform, and why we pondered how it would be in a short-travel package. Racers in particular appreciate the added top end a 2X drivetrain can offer, though some choose to get the same effect by simply going with a 36T or even 38T chainring on a 1×12 drivetrain. But hold on, don’t write it off thinking it’s for doddery older riders on dull, wide fireroads. Finding the Right Fit: 8 MTB Knee Pads, Tested, Introducing Foundry's New Race Bike: The Firetower. In fact, the alloy version starts at $3,100. And for those seeking a bike that’s just outside the XC category and has a little trail-category meat on its bones, the Ripley should not be overlooked. Of course, you’ll get a full carbon frame, as well as a torque wrench, shock pump and tools for set-up because, of course, Intense has a consumer-direct sales model now, in addition to brick-and-mortar sales. Yeti’s Switch Infinity linkage climbs like you’d expect a hard-core 100-millimeter travel XC bike should—damn quick. Editor’s Note: Purchasing from our linked retailers gives Bike a commission from the sale. Thanks, your survey has been submitted to the Mass.gov team! It’s not just trail and enduro bikes that have gotten better with modern geometry. However, the 0 model comes with something special, and it rhymes with DVO Suspension. Conventionally, riders thought that XC tires should be as narrow as possible, which makes sense since thinner tires are lighter and more aerodynamic. Longer, slacker and, wait for it. More important though, it’s the first in the Spark lineup to spec a Fox 34 instead of a 32. The short-travel XC/trail crossover category is one of the few flavors of bikes that. Company   The CC carbon is the top-tier fancy plastic, but you have to pay for it. This Spark drops the RC and adds a little attitude while staying more than capable as an XC racer. Here at off-road.cc, we love this budget busting trail bike, it's fun, it's upgradable and in it's full suspension form it’s a great, accessible introduction to mountain biking. Best Cross-Country Bike 7. Stems on XC bikes are much shorter than they used to be also. Choosing the best mountain bike for: Cross-country riding. Check out Kristin Butcher’s review of the SB100 here from the latest Bible of Bike Tests. Check out Mike Ferrentino’s review of the Trance 29 Adv Pro 0 from the latest Bible of Bike Tests, It’s still an XC marathon machine, sure, but if you were to. Up and down, you’d be hard-pressed to beat out the SB100. You’ll roll over rocks better and carry more speed for a longer time. Singletracks Merch | Not one to be seen at the races (there’s a Blur for that) the Tallboy is most at home in the big mountains where your elevation gain might hit five digits. It feels like it has both more. Originally, and currently, Kona’s XC machine, the Hei Hei is build to tackle serious miles efficiently, but also comfortably. The Epic Evo comes in a few models from the base Comp level to the top-tier S-Works build. Don’t think it can’t hang in the rough either— Spencer Paxson. The power transfer is better when you’re clipped in, the pedals will probably be lighter, and the benefits of flats don’t really apply to cross-country riding. Hammer up whatever you want, the more technical the better, reverse and repeat. With a minimal weight penalty, you get a lot more smashy-smashy capabilities up front with the 34. 12 Best Cross Country (XC) Helmets 2020 [CPSC, CE Certified] Dion Lewis Updated Dec 16, 2020 Mountain Bike Deals, Copyright 2021 Blue Spruce Ventures LLC | Cross Country Bike Tours w/ CrossRoads Cycling Adventures | Ride coast to coast on a fully-supported bicycle trip & experience one of the greatest adventures of your life! travel, but that was the case with Spot’s Living Link suspension bikes, the Mayhem and Rollik. Not yet subscribing fully to the current industry manta, the Element’s geometry is on the steeper side, built for aggressive pedal hammering, but with enough leeway to let the experienced rider open up the brakes on the descents. You know which rider we’re talking about, the one who usually crushes all competition and throws a little XC whip into the mix before the finish. In the world of XC riding though, a 29er is going to help. SRAM’s Level brakes are made for cross-country use and are specced on a lot of newer XC bikes. Top 10 Best Full Suspension & Cross Country Mountain Bikes for 2021 Posted By: Mike Hardaker October 10, 2020 Whether you’re looking for downhill crushers, cross-country speed machines, or something in the middle, you’ll find something in our picks for the best mountain bikes … MTB Podcast | That particular rider has ridden the Spark RC frame to more than a few victories. The foams density can be modified allowing manufacturers to create dual-density layers or tune specific areas of the helmet for specific or common impacts. It’s not really the longer, lower, slacker treatment, more like the crazier, shorter, more fun treatment. Rounding out the build is a mix of SRAM GX and NX shifting, Shimano SLX brakes with 180-millimeter rotors, Syncros/Formula wheels and Maxxis Rekon tires. That said, 100 millimeters can’t magically become 150 millimeters, but the SB100 uses its travel quite effectively. That being said, its 67.2 head angle, 438-millimeter chainstays and a 460-millimeter reach on a large trend toward trail-bike numbers—as long as you’re not running a silly negative rise stem, the Spark should be able to handle some pretty gnarly trails. An interesting feature that we don’t see much these days is Scott’s TwinLoc system. If the 66.5-degree head angle, 1,196 millimeter wheelbase or 35-millimeter bottom-bracket drop don’t catch your eye, the Truvativ Descendant bars and stem and Maxxis Minion DHF/DHR tires should clue you in on this bike’s preferred terrain. Depending on the size of the bike though, the stem length could still be up to 90mm for a larger-sized frame. Technical xc mtb specifications. A 1×12 drivetrain is the way to go when it comes to most any mountain bike these days, if you can pull it off. Yeti’s don’t come cheap, but you do at least get great quality for your money. It feels like it has both more and less suspension than it does, with supportive anti-squat numbers and a linear leverage curve that ends with a sharp ramp up. Minimize the Tools and Gear You Carry With These 3... New Knolly Chilcotin Long Travel 29er in for Test. This is less about jumps and slamming berms and more about pedalling miles and crossing fells. So, what the heck are they for? The short-travel XC/trail crossover category is one of the few flavors of bikes that aren’t meant for racing or going fast down a hill. What makes the 0 model special is the custom DVO Saphire D1 and Topaz 2 T3 that come stock. Although the bikes haven’t slackened out to the point that trail bikes are at right now, head angles are slacker than they used to be by a couple of degrees on average. Your hammering will be aided by Specialized’s refined but still polarizing Brain suspension technology. Purchase: $13,600. Most of the models come with a dropper post too, and along with the stock 160mm/180mm rotors, that hints at what this bike is for. More on that later though. A lot of times, they’re just as light as carbon, and on an XC bike, the bit of flex from an aluminum wheel may actually keep your body feeling less beat up after long rides. Enter your email address to receive our top stories via email each week. Reaches range from 405 to a full 505 millimeters, but across the board, you’ll get 432-millimeter chainstays, a 73-degree seat angle and a 68-degree head angle. Although, back in the day people used to run tires as thin as 1.8 inches. Fresh off a 2020 redesign, the Ripmo V2 impressed our testers and is the best overall trail bike we've ever tested. Santa Cruz’s VPP linkage is time-tested and over the years they’ve dialed in a good balance that gives the Tallboy some pep in its step while also taking the worst out of that high-speed chatter and chunkage. Helmets commonly use in-moulding, this method of manuf… The final question to ask yourself is whether the weight savings is worth going with a rigid seat post. DVO is primarily a gravity-oriented brand, and if there was ever a short-travel bike that deserved capable, gravity-oriented suspension, it would be the Trance 29. Thank you for signing up. Others can get into terrain warranting a full-face. Cockpits have changed for XC bikes, just like anything else. Latest. On paper, this bike might not seem like a good fit for this list. You might call them the downhiller’s XC bike, or the XC nerd’s downhill bike. However, the 0 model comes with something special, and it rhymes with DVO Suspension. nearly $9,000. While there’s a great abundance of options on the market to choose from, we’ve gathered this list of 10 of our favorite non-directional-country bikes. The bike’s improved long-travel suspension and knobby tires ensure adequate control on, and off of the roadway. Terms | Privacy, First published August 31, 2018 @ 5:05:10. Some are very nearly XC-thoroughbreds. A 120-millimeter 29er that actually goes up and down hills well? Like the Ibis Ripley, the Trance 29 is, perhaps, a bit of an outlier in this travel category. July 1, 2019. But we like ‘down-country.’ It’s just so much fun to say. While most of these bikes will be busy hammering out miles, the Trance 29 is more likely to be hammering out laps on the local gravity track. Widgets, Explore   Tests. It’s like the regular Epic, but after it’s had a few vodka Red Bulls. ... has been completely redesigned for 2020, giving it … The Epic is the quintessential XC bike, and then there’s the Epic Evo. Scott Spark 940. If you're ready for the cross country bike trip of a lifetime, prepare to join Trek Travel on a bicycle tour that stretches from the Pacific to the Atlantic, across the northern tier of this beautiful country. Best MTB Gear | Pair these attractive attributes with the bike’s generous fuel capacity, and you’ve got yourself an iconic adventure bike that won’t let you down when the going gets rough. Check out Brice Minnigh’s review of the Tallboy here. Most hardtail eMTB products are cross-country rated, and they tend to be more affordable. IMBA Epics | ... 2020 at … The suspension performance is certainly the best of the two bikes in this category (the other being the Specialized Epic), and if you are looking for versatility you can instantly switch from performance XC to all-mountain ripping with the TwinLoc remote. Consider what kind of rides you’ll use the bike for. A 120-millimeter 29er that actually goes up. Santa Cruz is one of the brands that offering from small to XXL sizing, so you can expect to be able to really dial in your fit. Enduro or all-mountain bikes are in a sense, exaggerated trail bikes, and the considerations for an XC bike are a little different. The Hei Hei is nearly an institution at this point—this ain’t its first rodeo. You’ll get a Fox 34 Rhythm and DPS Performance, a SRAM NX Eagle drivetrain, Level T brakes with 180-millimeters rotors and WTB ST i25 TCS rims. hills well? If that’s not your thing, alloy wheels have progressed to a pretty outstanding point. and descending in one day on this bike, lapping one of the steeper and gnarlier trails in Bellingham, Washington. On the carbon Hei Hei CR/DL you’ll get that GX shifting, Guide Rs, a Reverb dropper, WTB KOM Light Team i29 rims and Fox suspension, namely a 34 Performance and DPS Performance. The Ryve, which comes in either 100- or 115-millimeter flavors, is essentially a shorter-travel version aimed for the aggressive XC/marathon crowd, or really just anyone who wants a fun-loving bike with heaps of get-up-and-go. You can upgrade your fork, shock, wheels, tires (which have room to stretch to 2.6 inches), handlebars or dropper for extra, if you’re into that sort of thing. Cross country bikes are having a bit of a moment. Most of the builds come with a 120-millimeter front end though, and are what you might call “BCXC” bikes. This keeps the rider’s weight centered over the bottom bracket and on the rear wheel for traction. And for those seeking a bike that’s just outside the XC category and has a little trail-category meat on its bones, the Ripley should not be overlooked. There are a couple builds of the Sniper Trail, but the Expert will get you some bang for your buck. Granted, you. If you would like to continue helping us improve Mass.gov, join our user panel to … Best XC forks 2020: the best cross country forks you can buy today Best XC and marathon helmets for 2020: how to ... Mondraker was the first mainstream brand to be ballsy enough to use the concept right across its range from gravity bikes to cross-country machines. You’ll get a Fox 34 Step Cast and DPS (both Performance-level), Shimano SLX 11-speed shifting and brakes, a Race Face Aeffect dropper and Sun Helix TR25 rims. That being said, if there is one remaining holdout for 2X drivetrains, it’s within the XC world. A Fox 34 and DPS Performance come stock, as does a SRAM GX drivetrain, DT Swiss 1900 Spline wheels and Shimano XT brakes. Giant formed a partnership with DVO not too long ago, and some of the top tier builds from Giant come with the boutique, highly adjustable suspension. Bike Magazine has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Either way, make sure the bike you’re looking at will come with hydraulic disc brakes. Check out Mike Ferrentino’s review of the Trance 29 Adv Pro 0 from the latest Bible of Bike Tests here. With its 67.4-degree head angle, 75-degree seat angle and 470-millimeter reach in large, the Ryve looks to make use of that responsive suspension design, but still keep enough party in the tank when mashing pedals gets old. The bike also gets a lot of goodies, including cornering ABS, rear lift control, wheelie control, cruise control, traction control, and Apple CarPlay. The Top 9 New Dirt Bikes We’re Dying To Ride In 2020. Looking for the right XC bike can be a challenge, though. Again, think about your demands for the bike and whether you’ll ride more buff and smooth singletrack, or will mix in technical descents also. AKA XC, Marathon. Before you keep scrolling, there are three more models of the Trance 29 that aren’t nearly $9,000. Usually adapted from XC platforms, these micro-enduro machines blend the ‘long, low and slack’ geometry moniker with efficient, firm suspension platforms and a sprightly exuberance not found on their longer-legged siblings. That’s the sort of shenanigans the Ripley is meant for. Most of the models come with a dropper post too, and along with the stock 160mm/180mm rotors, that hints at what this bike is for. Motocross, off-road, and dual sport bikes we’re looking forward to riding. But we like ‘down-country.’ It’s just so much fun to say. This isn’t going to be much of a question either. Geometry has changed quite a bit over the years for XC bikes. The current generation of the Ripley shares the same roots as the OG, but quite a bit has changed over the years in the geometry department to make the Ripley the short-travel menace it is. But if you’re planning to ride a lot of natural singletrack, with rock and roots and technic… Available in four builds, including the 6-star, $8,000, top-tier build with SRAM AXS, each with a full carbon frame. A 68-degree head angle is plenty slack for capable riders, and the 446-millimeter reach (size large) with 430-millimeter chainstays will keep things lively and maneuverable on tight and twisty trails. With those factors in mind, it’s more than likely that you’ll settle on the right bike. While their upper-level M9000 XTR brake is made for XC, a cheaper option like the SLX or XT offers enough power most of the time and saves a lot of money. These well-equipped bikes are some of the best options for multi-day tours, cross-country adventures, and countryside excursions. Bible Review: Ibis Mojo Deore XT | $6,900, Revel Bikes Introduces the Ranger Brunch Ride Edition. Up, down, you’d be hard-pressed to beat out the SB100. Having the correct cross-country mountain bike helps bikers perform to their best ability, with beginners generally starting on a hardtail single suspension bike.

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