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WU is located in Vienna, a city rich in history, architecture, and music. To find out which universities require such tests and how many points are needed, please see the info sheets on our website or ask your IO Regional Coordinator.OeAD International Testing Services: http://testing.oead.at/British Council: https://www.ielts.org/If you completed the EBC 1 (Wirtschaftskommunikation I Englisch) course at WU, the International Office can issue an EBC certificate for your application. Find out if there is an Alumni Hub close to your partner university and attend Alumni events. Click here for a template for a financial statement/bank letter. Please be sure to apply for pre-recognition before you attend a partner university. Pre-recognition notice and Learning Agreement. The International Summer University at WU (ISU WU) is an intensive short-term program that provides students an excellent opportunity for international business education.Conducted by the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (Vienna University of Economics and Business or WU), students select courses of interest to them and can earn up to 6 KU credits during a three week session. Click here for more information on recognition and credit transfer. EU countries If you are a citizen of an EU member state, the health insurance provided by your home country is usually sufficient. With about 20,000 students from Austria and abroad, WU is among Europe's top 50 business schools and is the EU's largest institution for business and economics, business law, and social sciences. Credit transfer and confirmation of your IBW International Experience, Please note that the (ECTS) credits you have received for the courses you attended abroad will not automatically be transferred to WU. The following information may help you to choose the right university for your needs: Info sheets and fact sheetsInfo sheets are compiled by WU and provide you with information on our partner universities. The only university based in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, UHI prides itself on being a little different. Students are selected for exchange places based on the following criteria: Grade criterion (the best 27 ECTS excluding free electives), Language proficiency (especially in the local language and the language of instruction), Motivation for an exchange semester and the student’s choice of partner university, The possibility of credit transfer towards the applicant’s WU degree program, Additional qualifications (internships, work experience, international experience). The local WU graduates are looking forward to hearing from you. Michelle Wu | Majors: CSD and Dance Semester in Scotland - Summer 2018. This means, for example, that if you apply during a winter semester application period and are then nominated for a stay abroad, you will start your exchange semester in the following winter semester. In Europe, the full workload equals courses worth 30 ECTS credits; overseas, please take into account the requirements of a full workload of the partner university in question. On the bachelor’s level, WU offers an international network comprising about 180 partner universities worldwide. Due to the COVID-19 situation, it is possible that a semester abroad cannot be taken up, for example, if the partner university cancels the exchange or if the number of infections in the host country increases significantly. All applicants will receive an answer, either positive or negative. Please fill it out as comprehensively as possible. In case you receive your transcript directly from your partner university, you can go to the Study Regulations & Credit Transfer Office, located in the Study Service Center in the LC building, on level 2 and request the credit transfer process. You can apply for a maximum of 3 partner universities (preferences). Application periods end at 12:00 noon on the last day of the application period. Below you can find lists with currently available exchange places and application quotas from previous semesters. An exchange semester offers interesting opportunities to … Should be addressed to the appropriate academic advisor, Language: English (unless you are exclusively applying for universities in German speaking countries), including your education, work experience, international experience, and language skills. These quota lists tell you which and how many exchange places will be available for the next application period and how many students applied for these places in previous semesters. A COVID-19-related withdrawal does not entail any consequences. You can’t or don’t want to be away from Vienna for such a long period of time? Minimum GPA required by host program: Based on WU approval. To fulfill the requirement, you only need to complete the required amount of courses abroad, but you do not have to transfer them once you are back at WU. If no English CCC class is offered for the chosen region, students must choose a CCC class which does not have a focus on a specific region. Many partner universities offer special services to help nominated WU students find appropriate accommodation. Applications can no longer be edited after the application period has expired. Please note: Make sure to specify exactly the "type of task" for which you want to authorize your person of trust. If a fair like this takes place while you are studying abroad, we would like you to represent WU to introduce the university to students who might be interested in spending their exchange semester in Vienna. One of these three application periods is for overseas partner universities, and one for partner universities in Europe. If the type of task is not specified accurately or missing completely your documents cannot be handed over. Choosing a Program Most exchange opportunities are offered during the winter semester (i.e. Students pay normal WU tuition for the Florence Semester Program or WUSTL semester programs. You have to submit an application for credit transfer towards your WU program to the Study Regulations & Credit Transfer Office, located in the Study Service Center in the LC building, on level 2. Learn More By clicking on "Close" or continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies. Please inquire about the applicable insurance requirements with the appropriate consulate. Students are responsible for booking and paying for their own flights. To travel to Canada for a stay of up to six months, students with Austrian citizenship do not need a student visa. If approved for a semester abroad program, a student takes a leave of absence from WashU. If you are looking for more detailed information before the session, please click here. Please note that the information provided is only meant as a kind of orientation. Waynesburg University offers more than 100 study abroad opportunities, tailored to our commitment to service and fellowship. More information. International Office. A smaller number of spots are available for the summer semester. Exchange report. Please be cautious when looking for accomodation through inofficial channels! Choosing to study abroad in Scotland has consistently proven to be one of the best decisions I have made so far while at JMU. Financial aid Every exchange stay at a WU partner university is subsidized by a mobility grant – what mobility grant you are eligible for depends on the country you choose for your exchange semester. Be sure to contact the consulate in advance to find out what documents will be needed! If you have already completed an exchange semester or have already been nominated for an exchange semester during your bachelor’s degree program, you cannot apply for another exchange semester. The partner university or the International Office (IO) will provide you with further details and the documents required for this process. The following documents and information, will automatically be added to your application from the WU database: Your grade point average (GPA) (updated for the day you send your application). Transcripts of Records are usually sent directly to the International Office and your coordinator. Our application deadlines for a stay abroad take place as usual. Non-Austrian students may need additional documents. The main reasons for a ranking position/rejection are given in the online application tool. Medical report and vaccination pass: Many overseas universities require an English health certificate issued by your physician. We can also issue a confirmation for the language of instruction of your study program. Exchange reports by former exchange studentsAll students who complete a semester abroad through the International Office fill in an exchange report, which can be accessed by future exchange students online. Students can view these reasons in the application tool after the application process has ended. At the same time, it helps you to sublet your room or apartment during a stay abroad. The amount of this financial support is not fixed, but based on the actual additional financial burden caused by a student’s disability, illness, or care responsibilities.Eligible students who wish to apply must communicate their status when applying for an Erasmus+ grant at the latest. The process may differ from university to university. During the third period (additional application period), students can normally reapply for overseas and European exchange places that have not been awarded to any applicant yet.Application process. “spring term” or just “second semester”. The International Office will send out notifications about the final selection results via email approximately one month after the application deadline. Winter semester 2020/21: Your academic advisor will inform you whether the selection interview will take place virtually or in person at Campus WU. If a student cancels his or her exchange without good cause, he or she is excluded from further participation in WU exchange programs in his or her current study cycle. It is possible that the partner university switches from classroom teaching to distance learning before or during the exchange semester. The services offered are free of charge for WU students and the IO also recommends Housing Anywhere to incoming students. Please note that interview invitations are sent out directly by the academic advisors. Which countries do I want to get to know? English So I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough money to pay for the study abroad program, but my parents offered to pay any expenses I couldn't. If you go abroad in the Fall, you will book your flight in the Summer before. If you complete your semester abroad in a non-EU country or if you are not an EU citizen, please familiarize yourself with your host country’s entry requirements in due time. More Questions? Please click here for further information on grants. More information. Are there any WU partner universities in these countries? You can apply for an exchange semester during the official application periods. As soon as the credit transfer process has been completed, a copy of your notification of credit transfer must be submitted to the International Office. Students who spend a semester abroad not only collect valuable ECTS credits for their programs but also build international friendships and return from their host country with a wealth of new experiences. You do this during the semester or summer before you travel abroad. Students will also be notified if no interviews are being held at all. "What's it actually like? International Summer University Programs . Note that the numbers of available places may change from semester to semester. However, you can still apply for an International Summer University program in that case. Most partner universities have additional requirements you need to fulfill (TOEFL, IELTS, EBC 1, EBC 2). For universities without an ECTS credits system, please consult the Credit transfer Online Database. During your studies, a stay abroad is a profitable experience in many respects: You will get to know a different academic environment, make new contacts and broaden your own intercultural horizon. In order to avoid this, please consider this when planning and scheduling your studies. WU is located in Vienna, a city rich in history, architecture, and music. On this page you can find all information needed for an exchange semester on bachelor's level. If you are interested in any program that is not part of our sponsored programs, please visit the Non-WU … Exchange places overseas - application statistics winter semester 2020/21, Exchange places Europe - application statistics winter semester 2020/21, Exchange places additional application period - available exchange places winter semester 2020/21 (spots for Europe will be added after the application period for Europe exchange places has ended). For many students, returning home after a semester abroad can be much more difficult than expected. Library & Learning Center, Level 4 Welthandelsplatz 1 1020 Vienna Tel: +43-1-31336-4310 E-Mail: wuio@wu.ac.at. Tuition fees Participation in an official WU mobility program with a duration of over 8 weeks and which extends into the teaching period of at least one semester results in a waiver of tuition fees for one semester. Online credit transfer databaseThe online credit transfer database provides you with a list of courses which were completed abroad by WU students in the past and transferred to their WU degree. The International Office (IO) cooperates with Housing Anywhere, a platform with housing offers by students for students. Course selection at the partner university When selecting your courses, note that credits need to be transferred towards your WU program after your return to Vienna, so you will receive a mobility grant. in the third semester of your studies). The allocation is the next step, in which the best-ranked students are automatically assigned to the appropriate exchange places at a partner university.Please note: Academic advisors only assess applications for partner universities that fall within their individual area of responsibility. WU and the Master's in Economics program are well-integrated into the European Education Area, allowing for seamless study across European borders. As long as your dues have been paid, you remain enrolled as a student at WU and you can register for courses and exams if they do not conflict with your exchange period. However, upon your arrival, you have to present the Letter of Acceptance to the immigration authorities on your own initiative, and you have to state to the authorities that you enter the country as a student and not as a tourist. Financial aspects Please don’t forget to consider financial aspects when choosing your partner universities, e.g. Students that plan to attend the WU for a semester or academic year are required to apply in person for a student visa through the Austrian embassy in Washington, D.C. Information about the event will be available soon on our Go Global website. Not only did it help me fulfill general education requirements (13 credits in 2 months is a great deal! travel expenses and costs of living. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we prefer to be reached by phone, Microsoft Teams or email. You will also have to factor in airfare, local transportation, meals (most programs do not have meal plans so you have to cook for yourself or eat at restaurants), and personal expenses. Marketing, Finance, Management, etc. Explore programs by location, program type or language of instruction. Double degree programs (Bachelor & Master), International Summer Universities (ISUs) 2021, Internationalization at home (Bachelor & Master), International experiences at WU and abroad, Consulting services at the International Office, During your stay at the partner university, can be accessed by future exchange students online, mandatory intercultural skills training seminar, Alumni Hub close to your partner university, Sign­ing up for and drop­ping courses and ex­am­s. Likewise, the “winter semester” is often called the “fall term” or “first semester”. Please note that applications must be submitted a year in advance. Click here for a template for a medical report. To submit the application, you will also need to bring your transcript. We hope your experience was very rewarding as it challenged you and broadened your perspective of the world.

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