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The ability to work systematically, independently, and in a time-optimised manner and to present and describe research results is important. Recently, also the efficiency of aviation as well as environmental aspects came into our focus. International Counter, Lobby karo 5 (submit/pick up documents): Zulassung International / International Admission, German; individual courses in English, if applicable, winter semester (recommended) or summer semester (programme schedule not guaranteed). Modelling, analysis and evaluation of strength of mechanical structures and their algorithmic optimisation. 8:00h - 16:30h More strongly application-oriented mathematics also play a significant role throughout the Mechanical Engineering programme, e.g. The work at the Institute is characterized by a close connection between basic and application-oriented research. L1|01 Therefore, they primarily work in the fields of mechanical, plant, and automotive engineering or their supplier companies, or in engineering firms. Chair of Paper Technology and Mechanical Process Engineering, Recycling of used paper, optical analysis of pulp and paper, chemical analyses and treatment of wastewater and residual materials. The research of the institute focuses on the following topics: Institute for Product Development and Machine Elements, Development methodology, knowledge management, empirical study of design, method transfer, research into anti-friction bearing technology, Integral product development and sustainable transfer. Business Administration/ Industrial Engineering – specialising in Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. However, these new systems in their existing type of vehicle guidance hit a limit with respect to integration. In that context we are especially interested in studying fundamentals, with the intention to pave the way for novel applications. Zu unseren Arbeitsgebieten gehören Gaskinetik auf der Nanoskala, Elektrokinetik, Grenzflächenströmungen, Benetzungsphänomene und Trennprozesse für Biomoleküle. New design for the RSM website Responsive design implemented 2019/12/19 The RSM website is now available in the new responsive design of TU Darmstadt. ), Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (M.Sc. regarding CAD designs. Therefore, the improvement and development of individual equipment and plant processes is very important. However, mechanical engineers may also choose other career paths than the traditional ones. Bachelor's and Master's theses are not only available for paper engineers/masters! The central aim of the Institute is the modeling and simulation (CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamics) of thermofluiddynamic processes in mechanical and chemical process engineering. The Centre for Construction Materials, the Material Research Laboratory Darmstadt (MPA), and the Institute and Department for Material Science (IfW) at the Technical University of Darmstadt form a strong technical and academic union in research, teaching, development, testing and consultation in the form of an independent competence centre for the whole area of material science in plant engineering and construction, traffic engineering, medical technology, and the building industry.There are currently 143 employees (56 academic collaborators and 29 test engineers) from the areas of mechanical engineering, building engineering, metallurgy, and material science. The integration of information technology as integral part of modern mechanical engineering and the linkage of research and education to industrial needs are our fundamental targets. From digitization to space travel, the whole fascination of mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt can be experienced. Mechanical and Process Engineering, TU Darmstadt 2015-2016 B.Sc. The Institute of Gas Turbines and Aerospace Propulsion is specialised in the development and testing of turbomachine components. Fundamental research questions for relevant sub-processes often arise from technical applications, typical examples are turbulence-chemistry interaction, population balance dynamics, high pressure sprays or fluid-wall interactions. TU-Books. We have a number of international contacts, students interested in studies abroad can contact us for further information. These themes are also a relatively new area of research on a global scale. We act within research areas such as new press technologies and production processes but at the same time link with fundamental research issues. Die in dem Gesamtpaket tuda-ci zusammengefassten Vorlagen ermöglichen das Publizieren von unterschiedlichen Dokumenten: Do not hesitate to contact us directly and ask about upcoming theses and projects. As part of another cooperation, potential applications for printing processes are tried out and developed together with industrial partners as well as other research institutes. Description The Master of Science degree program in Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical and Process Engineering is designed to deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills in conception, simulation and construction of technical facilities. Potential for an improvement of the chassis lies in an improved interaction of individual modules in an integrated complete system. Investigations include the development of appropriate methodologies, experimental studies (especially on generic systems), theoretical modelling and numerical simulations on different time and length scales from the molecular level to the macroscopic level. The Mechanical Engineering study programme is suitable for everyone who has a basic understanding of complex logical and technical problems and who enjoys exploring such problems and their possible solutions in a methodically exact way.. Specialised knowledge in the scientific subjects of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry is absolutely essential for a successful course of study. Who? General Information: With the Bachelor of Science, the students will acquire a first professional qualification. Therefore, a concentrated introduction of heavy forces poses a particular problem. Using these techniques, global fluid-mechanical problems as well as general predictions about flows are gathered.The goal is to get a deeper understanding of flow physics, and especially the development and improvement of mathematical models to describe dynamic processes of turbulent and turbulent-reactive flows.Numerical implementation of new model equations and their application on foundation and application-based issues are the ultimate object of research activities.Besides our own project, we have several cooperations with partners on a TU university-wide, national, and international level, all with the goal of closing knowledge gaps in fluid mechanics. On one hand, comprehension of this fundamental area is an important subject. Advanced Design Project (ADP) For the teleoperation system of the research project MAAS various video streams of cameras with rectilinear (“normal”) and fisheye lenses are transmitted from the vehicle to the operator workstation. The goal of research efforts on the “Power flow” sub-area is a development for different application purposes, to analyse them mechanically, try them out experimentally and to forward this knowledge of optimised solutions to constructing engineers. Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control, ATM - Air Traffic Management, SVS - Synthetic Vision Systems, UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Hier leitet sie – zunächst als Gastprofessorin und seit 01.08.2020 als Kooperationsprofessorin – die Forschungsgruppe Robotik-Systeme des IMS im Fachbereich Maschinenbau. Use of possible potential that mechatronics offers for an improved performance of driver/vehicle unit. We define ourselves as a scientific organisation with its core competences as its capital: We offer our customers in the scientific market services in the form of: Staff in the pmd scientific organisation jointly work to create marketable and sustainable services in line with our vision. Target group: Students in the Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering with an interest in the design and dimensioning of components and groups First of all, the basis of driving has to be developed, which is usually the chassis. To machine individualized variants, individual information must be processed and an individualized CNC-program must be generated for each order. Here, one still has to consider that there are still many knowledge gaps of everyday used components, such as tyres or tread brakes. Experimental and theoretical-numeric research of complex heat and mass transfer processes and the research of transport phenomena in the nano and micro area up to applications in the macro and engineering area. What for? The Darmstadt Engine Workshop is an academic approach to improve the methods used to predict and investigate turbulent flows within the engine research and design process. Detailed parameter studies are carried out at the institute’s test rigs and the observations are transferred to the real engine using similarity laws. With this in mind the department of Energy and Power Plant Technology focuses on the development and employment of theoretical, numerical and experimental methods to improve future combustion technologies. Interaction between individual components and their influence on the reliability of a system as a whole. The functional potential of systems already introduced, and especially of new systems, has not yet been fully utilised. Öffnungszeiten Mo.-Fr. The main focus of this PhD-project is the application of new conservation laws for viscid and inviscid helical flows to turbulence. In the case of topics that are offered both as Master's and Bachelor's theses, the workload can be adapted to the respective thesis. Further information? Promotion zum Thema “Human-machine-centered design and actuation of lower limb prosthetic systems”, TU Darmstadt: 05/09 – 08/14: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am Institut für Mechatronische Systeme im Maschinenbau, TU Darmstadt Darmstadt's Mechanical Engineering Department takes on this challenge by establishing new subject areas and research groups on a constant basis and by evaluating the content being researched in the existing subject areas. ), Business Engineering – Technical Field of Studies Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc. The Pladdfeder – The Pladdfeder is the journal of the student council mechanical engineering and is published once per semester. Optimierung einer industriellen Restrollen-Schneidemaschine für Tissuepapiere Maschinenbau | Papieringenieurwesen | konzeptionell | konstruktiv ... Papierfabrikation und Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik (PMV) Supervisor. In the elective section, students have the opportunity to put together a very personal combination of in-depth subjects from almost 30 different courses. However, the right kind of knowledge of these passive components is indispensable, so that an even higher potential of active parts and the complete system can be tapped. The offer includes tasks related to process engineering, fluid mechanics and mechanics as well as chemistry and physics. 64287 Semester Course and Examination Schedule / Degree Programme Guidelines/Study Regulations. Simulations are carried out on our own cluster as well as large-scale computing facilities at national computing centers. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie offene Ausschreibung für Advanced Design Projects (ADP), sowie Advanced Research Projects (ARP). The multidisciplinary staff is an essential quality mark for research and education at the IAD. Maschinenbau – Mechanical and Process Engineering, B.Sc. The focus of research activities is on hydromechanics, flow, and turbulence research using analytical, meaning primarily group-theoretical and asymptotic as well as numerical methods. The Technische Universität Darmstadt (official English name Technical University of Darmstadt, sometimes also referred to as Darmstadt University of Technology), commonly known as TU Darmstadt, is a research university in the city of Darmstadt, Germany.It was founded in 1877 and received the right to award doctorates in 1899. Experimental and theoretical analyses of nano and microfluidic transport processes, research and design of novel nano, micro and optofluidic components. glass sheets). Our vision is that of integral product development aimed at contributing towards the welfare of society on a sustainable basis, thereby reconciling economic, technical and ecological aspects. Mechatronics is becoming more and more important in the application of Mechanical Engineering. There are always opportunities for interested students interested to contribute in our research projects. Of particular interest is problem solving in the fluid dynamics and solid mechanics as well as specialised work in heat transfer and realistic modelling. We are concerned with transport phenomena in fluids on the nano- and micrometer scale. If you are interested in writing a thesis with a topic from the area of aeronautics, aviation, systems engineering, machine learning or space sysems, consider writing your thesis at our institute. Hence, system integration, as well as so-called system thinking, is in the focus of mechatronic specialists, and accordingly systems engineers. The Institute has two locations: Lichtwiese Campus (L2|06) and the wind tunnel premises in close proximity to the August-Euler-Airfield in Griesheim. The growing demand for individualized products increases the amount of information processed in manufacturing. ), Logistics and Supply Chain Management (M.Sc.). Mechanical Engineering is one of the leading industrial branches in Germany. Mechanical and Process Engineering, TU Darmstadt Therefore it is recommended that students complete a Master's programme. Thanks to this approach, the IAD has always been in a position to react to new types of questions arising in operations practice and to influence business and social developments by working on relevant topics over the course of its 50-year history. The joint research centre UTC of the Technical University Darmstadt (TUD) and Rolls-Royce deals with the aerodynamic and thermal interaction between combustion chamber and turbine in aircraft engines. The MSc in Mechatronics from TU Darmstadt entitles to … The Institute of Flight Systems and Automatic Control (FSR) performs application oriented research in the area of aeronautical systems engineering. Institute of Gas Turbines and Aerospace Propulsion, Cooling of turbine blades, turbine, mixing chamber test rig, exhaust turbocharger, compressors, numerical simulation. Research at the TTD focuses on experimental and theoretical-numeric research of complex heat and mass transfer processes. Where necessary and appropriate, new methodologies are developed, be it measurement technologies, turbulence modelling, or analytical methods. Furthermore, the students should possess sufficient spatial perception. On this website you will find orientation and information about the first steps into the study program, important preliminary courses and the orientation week. The main objective of the institute is the representation of chemically reactive flows concerning questions of energy and process engineering in research and teaching at the department of mechanical engineering of the Technische Universität Darmstadt. How? The Research Group of System Reliability, Adaptive Structures, and Machine Acoustics SAM was founded at TU Darmstadt in 2001 under the name “System Reliability in Mechanical Engineering” by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Institute of Reactive Flows and Diagnostics. Climate change is caused largely in part to the burning of fossil fuels, upon which our society is completely dependent upon. However, the Master of Science is considered the standard qualification at Technical University of Darmstadt. The chassis is to ensure that drivers of all kind are in control of directing their vehicle in any way as easy and comfortable as possible – even in critical situations. Moreover the DiK is positioned as the competence center of information technology affairs within the faculty. primarily group-theoretical and asymptotic as well as numerical methods. The department focuses on development, analysis, and application of numerical methods for a wide range of tasks in mechanical engineering as well as related engineering disciplines. This results in performance losses in terms of throughput time, costs and quality. Due to the anisotropy of fibre composite materials, their mechanical-mathematic treatment is significantly more complex but they also offer especially constructive possibilities. Hydromechanic, flow and turbulence research using analytical i.e. TU Darmstadt » MB » Deparment DiK » Education » Digital Factory Planning and Simulation with Tecnomatix. Nanoscale gas kinetics, electrokinetics, interfacial flows, wetting phenomena and biomolecular separation belong to our areas of work. Postdoctoral Fellow, Singapore University of Technology and Design, SUTD Digital Manufacturing and Design Centre 07/2018 – 02/2019 Assistant Professor, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Information Systems Technology and Design since 03/2019 Assistant Professor, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Cyber-Physical Simulation Institute for Internal Combustion Engines and Powertrain Systems, Process analysis, Competence Centre development methods, measuring techniques, tested techniques, exhaust aftertreatment, simulation, Center for Engineering Materials, State Materials Testing Institute Darmstadt (MPA) Chair and Institute for Materials Technology (IfW), Research, development, testing, failure analysis, and holistic assessment of component properties in plant engineering and construction, traffic engineering and building industry as well as medical technology. They predominantly address the development, design, planning, and construction of technical equipment and machines. For further questions please contact the respective departmental advisor’s office. Institute for Energy and Power Plant Technology, Research on combustion (theoretical and experimental); studies on turbulent processes; optimisation of technical power plant engineering components and waste combustion. [Dublette Titel] [ID-Nummer:122013] Dimensionless process development for lattice structure design in laser powder bed fusion In Begutachtung, M. Sc. Institute of Simulation of reactive Thermo-Fluid Systems. General note: With the Bachelor of Science degree, students acquire a first degree qualifying them for a profession. Examples are measurements using high speed infrared and black-and-white photography techniques, Particle-Image-Velocimetry (PIV), Liquid Crystal Thermography (TLC), and Micro-thermo elements.On the one hand, we use commercial software for theoretical-numerical research, on the other hand, our own mathematical models are developed and implemented. Advanced Design Project; back to list. For these reasons it is recommended that students complete a Master’s degree.Please note that admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements.This particularly applies to non-consecutive courses of study (meaning with a Bachelor’s degree in a different area of focus or field of study than the desired Master’s degree programme) and to applicants of other universities. TU Darmstadt has acknowledged this need by establishing a new, consecutive Bachelor/Master program in mechatronics. Please contact the responsible employee directly. Major applications are to be found in the following areas: Paper physics with structure analyses of paper, Picture analyses of papers and printing products, Chemical analyses and treatment of wastewater and rejects, Sustainability of pulp and paper processes, Modelling and simulation of turbulent flows, Boiling, vaporization, evaporation and condensation. In addition to the close connection of research and teaching, our aim is the intense supervision both the teaching and student work such as a Master thesis. Its goals are to develop principles, methods, and processes for the evaluation of the reliability of complex systems. Nevertheless, there is still potential, now and in the future, to improve the performance with regard to the inseparable driver/vehicle system with respect to vehicle technology. MiT4.0 with its learning factories at the TU Darmstadt provides small and medium sized enterprises a central platform for knowledge transfer and training modules. Fachgebiet Nano- und Mikrofluidik – Herzlich willkommen am Fachgebiet Nano- und Mikrofluidik. The Bachelor thesis concludes the bachelor program that has been accredited by the ZEvA. We will inform our visitors from now on about news with regard to our work in our news feed. Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics, Aerodynamics, Interfacial phenomena (Spray research group), Measurement technology. Specific advantages of the KLuB department are excellent manufacturing and testing options, which means that all steps, starting with the calculation and construction, to prototype construction up to experimental verification of a component construction can be carried out. Mechanical Engineering – Mechanical and Process Engineering (M.Sc. The central aim of the Institute is the modeling and simulation of thermofluiddynamic processes in mechanical and chemical process engineering. In view of the turbulence application helically symmetric turbulence is placed between the fully 3D turbulence, which determines our classical knowledge of turbulence, and plane 2D turbulence, which is rather distinct. Institute of Production Management, Technology and Machine Tools, High-speed machining, design and dimensioning of machine tools and components, concept development and implementation of lean production systems. Holger Hanselka. Your browser does not support the audio element. We develop mathematical models and apply them in simulations of chemical engineering processes as well as combustion of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Mechatronics is developing a specific potential due to the interdisciplinary interaction with general mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and informatics. For this reason it is important to start gaining practical work experience in relevant organisations early in the degree programme. Specialised knowledge in the scientific subjects of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry is absolutely essential for a successful course of study. On the other hand, valuable results for industrial applications are obtained by working on application-oriented researches. Im Oktober 2018 kehrtet Frau Clever nach 5 Jahren zurück an die TU Darmstadt. Methods and phenomena in fluid systems, energy efficiency of fluid systems, adaptronic fluid systems. The provision of electric power and heat energy, eg Heating or process steam, is an important branch of power engineering and industry. Its goals are to develop principles, methods, and processes for the evaluation of the reliability of complex systems. Today's cars and motorcycles are of a highly developed technical status, due to a development of more than 100 years. Maschinenbau – Mechanical and Process Engineering, M.Sc. Another way to get a higher performance regarding the driver/vehicle unity is the extension of the ability of a vehicle with regard to an assisting vehicle. In research and teaching we thoroughly examine questions with regard to new processes and technologies as well as microscopic phenomena. Holger Hanselka. The likelihood of finding a good position is definitely heightened if the student is flexible when it comes to commuting or even moving abroad. In all research projects, whether fundamental or applied in nature, a strong emphasis is placed on a solid understanding of the underlying flow physics involved. Typical applications are internal combustion, reactors in process engineering, gas turbines or catalysts. The Research Group of System Reliability, Adaptive Structures, and Machine Acoustics SAM was founded at TU Darmstadt in 2001 under the name “System Reliability in Mechanical Engineering” by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Unsere Forschung erstreckt sich über ein breites Themenspektrum und kombiniert experimentelle, theoretische und numerische Ansätze. Since October 2019 Mr. Dasbach works on the MiT4.0 – Competence Center Darmstadt for Small and Medium Enterprises with a focus on artificial intelligence.

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